welcome to my neocities webbed site! im ronan, you can call me ronan, rony, or friend (short for friendly floaty thing.) i am 20 years old, and i am a third year geology student! i will hopefully be adding an about page soon, none of my links work yet :P!!

p.s, click play on the banner at the top of the screen for some nice tunes!

about this site...

hiii!!! so this is still a major work in progress (and will be for a very long time! maybe forever...). ive had a neocities page in the past - i think i made my first neocities page about a year ago, but as i am not very skilled in HTML and love to criticize everything i make, i got very tired of it very fast & deleted everything. so, i am starting from scratch again here. i am still a novice but i really want to push myself to get better with coding! maybe get to a point where i
can actually understand it hrm

the reason i want a personal webpage echoes what everyone else on neocities has already said: the new web is an exhasting and disappointing place. if im going to be a hermit and use the web all day, i might as well do it in a way that is fulfilling & allows me to build a place i actually enjoy clicking through! my webpage will probably be very simple, but i do wanna make it fun for anyone who stumbles across it... most of all, this is for me to share myself and all the things i love :)

also... i created some of the artwork on this website; the graphics of the greenish furry character belong to me! please do not take these images and use them, even with credit, it makes me very uncomfortable!

move me around!!