hey hey.. been a long week or so. i keep wanting to update my site but feeling way too exhausted to do the things i want to do. right now i have a bunch of seperate css files for each page, when i really could just be using one. ive been planning on consolidating and simplifying all of that but i havent gotten to it yet. it just feels like theres so much im gonna have to sift through and edit... ack.

as for the real world, i havent done much of anything interesting! ive been making jewelry in my free time. i made this starry necklace for myself and my friend liked it,

so i made a matching one for her. shes in england right now so ill have to wait to give it to her in the summer, but i think they turned out very cute. i also ordered lots of art stickers and got them in the mail since i last updated here, which i wanted to share. theyre from minisuper and kelly ficcara! i used some of them to decorate my laptop but im saving the rest to use in letters. im something of a sticker collector i think, i have an entire drawer filled with them T_T !!

today i woke up at 11:00 am. i dont have class on fridays so i tend to just do nothing all day to recuperate from the horrors of taking stem classes in college. im drinking a warm cup of my favorite green tea, eyeing a chocolate croissant & listening to an album i just found called sleep on the wing by bibio. very relaxing :)

today it was 57 degrees outside! thats the warmest its been in a couple of months. it was warm enough for me to go out without a coat, so i took an hour walk around the forest on my campus. usually i walk around with headphones in, but i ditched them today... up on the hill i could hear the trees creaking in the wind, and near the creek i was startled by two mallards that swept past me into the water. i missed these moments. i love watching spring unfold!!!

later, in my room i went to listen to music. i love obscure music and finding new songs, so i scour spotify constantly for things ive never heard of before. today my victim was my best friend of... 12 years now? i went through her playlists and i

actually found one that was intended for me but i was never given! a playlist with my name in the title from 2019. it felt wrong to stumble on something like that!

now im just sitting here typing this all up. my first blog post on my years old website :p !! im hoping to make a habit out of this blogging stuff. i always want to keep a journal, ive tried many times before but it never clicks. i love documenting and collecting little bits of my life, but i dont have the energy to consistenly write and paste things into a physical book. instead, ive fallen into the bad habit of oversharing on social media websites. nobody needs to know everything im doing 24/7! i think this place is a nice middleground for now. we'll see if i actually commit to it though...

im so sleepsy now from formatting this page... cya!!